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SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. now IBM Cloud was a dedicated server, managed hosting, and cloud computing provider, founded in 2005 and acquired by IBM in 2013. SoftLayer initially specialized in hosting workloads for gaming companies and startups but shifted focus to enterprise workloads after its acquisition.

A customer named MINDA ISTASS, from The Philippines shared his/her bad experience about  SOFTLAYER in a review published by HOSTADVICE: “Guys, don't even bother with Softlayer. They tried charging our account for TWO MONTHS' WORTH even when we've canceled their services and are no longer using them. What a scam. Support is poor as well, which is why we transferred to another provider.”


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Current Employee - Engineering says

"Company is run barebones staff. Overworked to the point of having health issues. Management lies constantly to keep you from leaving. You will never get a raise unless you get a promotion. Far too much paperwork and processes to do simple things now."

Former Employee - Server Build Technician says

"Management is terrible, they do the minimum possible work and bleet about reading the sliki if you dare ask a question. terrible pay, no hope of raise or advancement unless in dallas/houston. As soon as you hit 40 they will find someway to get rid of you. IBM will be on your resume and will actually hurt your future job prospects. I am trying to stay within the community guidelines for glassdoor, but believe me it's worse than i can say."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"too much incompetence , no training .see people walk out"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Atrocious management at every level, unrealistic expectations on both support levels and products supported. Customers are their only focus, they are never wrong and are allowed to be complete and utter degenerates to us without any support from management. In fact, it's a competition between management and the customer who can be the most deplorable and apathetic. Low wages and no raises in sight; most are 30K or more below market value. Super high stress, unrealistic expectations, no training or support, utter chaos and a non functioning apathetic leadership are day to day normals."


"Both old and new management (before and after merger) allowed staff to attrition down. Lose two, hire one, lose two, hire one. Saw that for years."

Former Employee - Server Build Technician says

"people do nothing but talk bad about you no matter how hard you work"

Former Employee - Software Development Manager says

"You are not valued here. IBM has brought in a culture of fear and "Not invented Here" mentality. They have a working product that they invested in ($3 Billion+) and dont seem to care as they constantly try to replace it with something made by IBM. They fail over and over again. Its really embarrassing. They chase fires rather than a vision. They will over work you and undervalue you. There are no opportunities anymore and you will constantly live under fear of the next company lay-off."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Open floor plan Most "managers" are unqualified and are only managers because they are a technical lead Poor compensation Most people are handed desktops and some high level of approval is needed for a subpar laptop Passive agressive culture"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Increase in internal workload plus data center expansion combined with retardation of staff growth results in IBM expanding and contracting SoftLayer at the same time. High turnover, already a problem under previous structure, only got worse after the IBM purchase."

Current Employee - Support says

"Under paid and over worked"

SBT (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Softlayer for a while. Over 3 years. In that time the only way to move up the ladder was to be friends or a certain nationality. Once you're settled in to the position of SBT, the highest you can go it SBT III. You literally have to wait for someone to quit before you rise up the pay scale. Cons: Everything"

Technical support, Lead (Former Employee) says

"If you want a place to get your feet wet in the hosting business this is the place to be. If you harbor any plans to advance beyond entry level be prepared to look elsewhere. Cons: Advancement is nigh impossible"

Accounts Receivable Representative (Current Employee) says

"I learned a lot at this company and grew personally and professionally from the experienced gained here. The culture here is great. HR department very helpful."

Tier III Datacenter Technician (Current Employee) says

"Huge workloads, poor pay, stressful, bad hiring manager. As a tier III senior tech, I spend most of my time fixing other peoples mistakes. Most of my talented peers have jumped ship for better opportunities. No rooms from growth. Cons: We are paid incredibly low for what we do, no job growth, stagnant learning"

Server Build Technician (Current Employee) says

"Would be a perfect job for a student but is too far from big "student full" city (Montreal). As for permanent job is inconvenient in terms working shifts Not to mention that there are no benefits (except free snacks 1000$/year of health allowance), no career opportunities."

Inventory (Current Employee) says

"I have been an employee here for 4 yrs. Each year I have been asked to do more and more, without fair compensation. From my experiences, management is lazy and depends on hard working individuals to get by. There is not enough accountability in this company structure, which makes it difficult for ambitious hard working employees to advance. However, if you are simply content with job security, and are willing to accept the pay given the daily workload, this is place for you."

Inventory Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working for SoftLayer(IBM Bluemix) was fun at the beginning, but after a time it slowly got worse and worse. Management plays favoritism to the max. Nepotism is used as most of the management staff are people that are known outside of work. They disconnect themselves from everyone, but expect you to instantly know about changes to policies and procedures any updates. The Shift Leads don't communicate properly (and have to be trained most of the time by their team in order to succeed), and overall value quantity of quality. Cons: Management, Nepotism, Favoritsm"

DATA ANALYST (Current Employee) says

"Expect to be treated like an entry level professional. Cons: plenty or physical excretion throughout your shift"

Server Build Technician (Former Employee) says

"Softlayer pay is very poor"

Inventory Technician (Former Employee) says

"Although Softlayer/IBM Cloud hypes a great work environment. The enormity of this corporation at my position could not quite deliver. Half way through my tenure at Softlayer, we were acquired by IBM. The environment then greatly suffered. Cons: Unfair performance assessment"

Data Center Technician Tier (Current Employee) says

"Honestly, not a bad place to work. IBM has plenty to offer and will teach their DCTs how to deploy, maintain and work with customer's hardware. Cons: Pay and Management"

Server Build Technician (Former Employee) says

"I would wake up promptly at 10pm to arrive at work 15 minutes before my shift at 11pm which continued till 8am with a optional lunch break. Upon arrival I would check emails and walk the facility to insure a clean work environment, pick up my duties for the day and set out to complete any special tasks while the shifts overlapped giving me a moment of coverage on the queues. My work involved taking customer orders for servers which we built and had in the customers hands within 4 hours completely ready for their use. I also acted as a customer liaison for any issues they may experience over the course of their stay. I was responsible for staying long hours when new parts arrived, cleaning the facility and insuring that any problem was confronted immediately. Cons: Access to required materials, unmitigated workload, constantly required updated training techniques and patches"

Datacenter Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Starting at 7am, I will typically begin discussing with night shift any tasks or ongoing projects which need to be handed over to myself to be carried on throughout my day."

Quality Engineer I (Current Employee) says

"Definitely a fan of the company's culture, but as it's gotten bigger, the culture has changed. Cons: Compensation is low compared to others. Management. Organization."

Customer Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"IBM blue washed the company and ruined it. IBM took away our red bulls, killed off social bonds between employees. Inidia became our bosses Cons: Great place before IBM stepped."

Virginia Murray says

"The support here is close to inexistent. Why on earth must I have to create tickets for things that otherwise should be resolved in a jiffy? Not to mention that you get billed premium."

Dalton says

"Softlayer uses deceptive tactics to lower costs. I was satisfied with the company in the beginning, before it was acquired by IBM. Now, they've come to a point where they're just beyond greedy. I used to have 20TB bandwidth in my server, then, I get an email from Softlayer saying that my server will be decommissioned so therefor I need to migrate to a new one. What they didn't tell me, is that now I get 500GB bandwidth. Oh, and if I want my previous 20TB, I need to shell out an extra $999.00 a month. Need I say more? I'm now paying surcharge for my overusage. Stay away!!!!"

Veritas & Elpis says

"Softlayer condone spammers as customers. Fed up with reporting spam to them only for nothing to happen. But, be warned, if you are considering hosting with them. Softlayer's profile is now on a dark web anti-spam forum known to be frequented by hackers."

Media one says

"A single dedicated server cost you above $500 while you receive almost no support and tickets will be answered in more than 24 hours"

Miso says

"Its clients send SPAM . SUPPORT AND ABUSE NOT ANSWER AT ALL ! spam is illegal !"

Tom says

"It used to be a good provider before IBM cloud take over, now since some time it just feel like its a big mess specially for support where you start getting 3 open tickets in 3 different website and countries which took almost a week to answer some simple question on billing. Network seems also to have been restricted and prices have gone up ... We ended up switching to another provider that cares about its customers .." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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